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IMBIO 2024

Bloomfield Livestock Market, Inc.

Cattle Producers, This year Bloomfield Livestock Market is going to hold 1 IMBIO (co-mingle) pre-condition special feeder cattle sale. Our goal here is to keep you aware of what buyers are looking for, to help meet up with the consumer demands. Our buyers have requested that the calves need to be weaned 60 days to help with the transition to their new location for a healthier calf. We also request that the cattle be in the right condition, clean in appearance, remove all your personal ear tags, so that the most particular buyers will bid on them. It is a huge benefit to the seller! We work with Mike England, the Zoetis senior territory business manager. Zoetis pre-weaning protocol will ensure healthier calves for you and the buyers. Most feedlot and background operators believe that pre-arrival processing reduces sickness, stress, and death loss in their lots. Zoetis is very flexible in the options that are available; whether you begin vaccination at pre-weaning or weaning to meet the requirements. We recommend that you talk to a veterinarian (range ready vet list provided) to see what protocol fits your needs for your best results. What is IMBIO, you may ask? IMBIO Stands for Iowa Missouri Beef Improvement Organization. It is our co-mingle grade sale. This program targets spring born calves that are English/Beef breeds, colors do not matter. All cattle participating in the sale will have to meet the requirements listed. Once all your cattle have been unloaded at the sale barn on sale day we sort the cattle in their appropriate groups, weigh the cattle, yard them out with other cattle that they fit, sell the cattle in the evening on the weights from when they were sorted. The cattle get put in bigger groups up to semi load lots that are more attractive to buyers. We have been doing this since the early 1990s and is a proven program. There are many advantages to this program for the producers and buyers. Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or for a farm visit to look at your cattle!


  • Home Raised Cattle
  • Wean 60 days or more prior to sale
  • 2 complete rounds of Zoetis brand range ready vaccines (at least 1 round administered by a veterinarian… Preferably both)
  • Castrated(Banded or Knife Cut)
  • Dehorned
  • IMBIO ear tag (issued by your vet)(put the ear tag in at 2nd round of shots helps ear tags stay in longer) (please remove any of your personal ear tags before the sale)
  • Treated for Internal and External parasites/Wormed
  • Veterinarian certified health paperwork


  • Cattle sell on in weights
  • Comingled sorting (bigger selling groups, NO SINGLES)
  • Healthier calves for you and the buyer
  • Buyers pay more for cattle that are Vet Certified
  • Proven Reputation
  • Documented Health Program

Weaning deadline to meet 60-day requirement. Thursday-October 31, 2024.

Sale Date. Monday-December 30, 2024 @ 7pm

Producers that plan to participate in the IMBIO please call in to Bloomfield Livestock Market with your head counts 2 weeks prior to the sale,
so we can take full advantage of advertising, your cattle to all the buyers!
Thank you all!

Mike England Zoetis Territory Representative 712-251-5494

IMBIO Range Ready Veterinary Clinic Contacts

Albia Animal Clinic Clinic
6398 196th Street
Albia, IA 52531
Phone: 641-932-7811

Lindquist Veterinary
RR 1, Box 167
Edina, MO 63537
Phone: 660-397-2570

Garver’s Animal Health Center
1976 684th Ave
Albia, IA 52531
Phone: 641-932-3455

Corydon Veterinary Clinic
1856 IA-14
Corydon, IA 50060
Phone: 641-872-1064

Clearview Animal Hospital
601 Weaver Road
Bloomfield, IA 52537
Phone: 641-664-2399

Keosauqua Veterinary Clinic
400 Water Street
Keosauqua, IA 52564
Phone: 319-293-3580

Animal Health Center
Hwy 63 Box 37
Lancaster, MO 63548
Phone: 660-457-3086

Lee County Veterinary Care
1568 Pilot Grove Road
West Point, IA 52656
Phone: 319-837-6511

Putnam County Animal Hospital
Route 2, Box 79B
Unionville, MO 63565
Phone: 660-947-2015

Wickham Veterinary Service
1909 220th Street
Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641
Phone: 319-385-2277

Appanoose Veterinary Clinic
23264 Hwy 5
Centerville, IA 52544
Phone: 641-856-3227

Keokuk County Veterinary Clinic
31392 Hwy 78 Box 207
Richland, IA 52585
Phone: 319-456-6321

Country Village Animal Clinic
20120 HWY 2
Centerville, IA 52544
Phone: 641-437-7325

The Village Vet
2095 Pine Ave
Fairfield, IA 52556
Phone: 641-469-3337

Mahaska Veterinary Clinic
2348 HWY 92
Oskaloosa, IA 52577
Phone: 641-673-0431