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About Bloomfield Livestock Market, Inc.

Marketing Cattle Since 1969

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In 1969, Phil Schooley arrived in Bloomfield from the University of Northern Iowa. His plan was to continue his career in the livestock business at the Davis County Sale Co. with the Reno family. Within a short time, Arthur and Carmen Schooley, Phil’s parents, made the move from the Wayland Livestock Auction in Wayland to join Phil in Bloomfield. The business was leased from the Reno’s and continued until incorporation in 1971 as the Bloomfield Livestock Market, Inc.


About this time second son Wayne relocated to Bloomfield to join in the growing family business. Wayne worked at revamping the facilities to handle the growing feeder cattle numbers. Brother Ron followed after attending college at Northern Iowa. He worked as a field man and learned the business under the guidance of his dad and older brother. Dave joined the family firm in 1978 after graduation from Northern Iowa and two years with Pella Windows. He relieved his mother of her bookkeeping duties.

After less than ten years and some difficulties in the cattle business, Bloomfield Livestock was set for better markets and growth in numbers. The facilities have changed dramatically in the past 32 years. The market can now handle 3500-4500 cattle. From preconditioned calf sales in the 70's to IMBIO calf sales in the mid 90's, BLM has been at the forefront of feeder cattle marketing in southern Iowa, northern Missouri, and western Illinois.

Ron's son Roman joined the firm in 2003 after graduation from Southern Illinois University with a degree in agricultural studies. Ron's second son Tyler returned to Bloomfield after his graduation from Southern Illinois University in 2004 with a degree in community Health. Both brothers now own and operate Bloomfield Livestock Market together alongside their wives Elizabeth and Kallie who help run the office.


We believe in offering a wide range of services to customers to help maximize your profits!

Farm Visits

We enjoy going to the producers ranch/farm to learn and understand their operation. This allows us to view the cattle and determine what sale best meets your marketing needs. Give one of our experienced field men an opportunity to come see you!


Presale advertising can make all the difference in attracting progressive buyers. Unlike many competitors we utilize all forms of advertising including social media, newspapers, and thru text messages, and other onl ine advertising. We believe that spending our money to increase your profits is very important in cattle marketing. Let us know about your consignment 8 days before the sale to take full advantage of marketing your cattle to all buyers. Also including Market Reports after the sales.

Cattle Hauling and or Gathering

We have many great resources for either one of these needs. We can help coordinate any of this for you.

Online Bidding

We offer online bidding through Cattle USA. Please give yourself plenty of time before the sale to get pre-approved. Also, if you can't make it to the sale you can view the sale live thru this link.