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future consignments

Special Calf Yearling Sale 

Wednesday 1/13



Drew Bruner- 275 blk heifers 2rd, 120 day wean,  running out..700-725#

Scurlock Farms- 170 Angus s/h GT, booster,  65 day wean, running out, no imp..575-650#

John Miller- 150 Angus s/h 2rd, 60 day wean, no imp..575-700#

Fite Farm- 140 blk/bwf steers 2rd, 100 day wean,running out..750#

Dennis Davis - 100 blk/red s/h 2rd,LTW, no imp..650-800#

Darlene Martin 70 blk heifers 2rd, LTW, running out..725-750#

K.Miller- 70 blk steers 2rd, LTW...700-800#

Triple B- 70 blk steers 2rd, 120 day wean, running out..750#

DB Bontrager- 62 blk s/h  GT, 70 day wean, no imp..650-800#

Karen Biggs- 50 Angus s/h 1rd, 120 day wean,..500-700#

Paul Fountain- 50 Angus s/h GT, 60 day wean, no imp..400-575#

Kenny Epperson- 50 Angus s/h GT, 75 day wean, no imp..550-625#

Darlene Humphrey- 40 blk s/h 1rd, 75 day wean, ..600-700#

Lindquist/Pamperin- 40 blk s/h 2rd, 60 day wean, no imp..450-550#

Jim Lindquist- 30 Angus s/h 1rd,  35 day wean,, no imp..500-600#

Fred Linn- 25 blk steers GT, 100 day wean..600-700#

Rod Pickens- 18 blk s/h  1rd, 75 day wean,no imp..550-700#

Doercher- 13 blk s/h 1rd, weaned..600-700#

Mike Westercamp- 13 char x s/h 1rd, 70 day wean...600-700#

G.Frederick- 8 blk SimAngus s/h 3rd, 80 day wean,..700-800#


Special Bred Cow and Heifer Sale

Tuesday 1/19

6:00 P.M.


We will be providing online bidding thru lmaauctions.com please log on early and get registered to be approved.  


Greg Muckler Dispersal- 90 blk 4 year to aged bred cows.  Mated to Schooley SimAngus bulls, start calving Jan. 26.  Complete mineral program.  Good producing herd!

Boas Farm- 40 Angus x 3 year old to aged bred cows.   Mated to Angus bulls,  start calving March 10.  Lepto and scour bos, mineral program. 

Kalen Martching- 10 blk SimAngus short and solid to aged bred cows.   Mated to blk bulls,  start April1st to June 1st.

Bred Heifers 

Lathrop Farms- 40 big blk 2 year old bred heifers.  AI'D to Genetic Reserve, start calving Feb.14th all confirmed to date.  Lepto vibro, scour boss and complete mineral program.  Very gentle!

Tom English- 47 blk 2 year old bred heifers.  Mated to LBW Angus bulls from Ross Angus.  Start calving March 1st for 45 days.  Many of the heifers originated from TD Angus.   Purina Mineral program.   Reputation heifers!














































































Ron Schooley (641) 777-0302   |   Roman Schooley (515) 450-3685   |   Phil Schooley (641) 664-3450