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Special Bred Cow &Heifer Sale

Monday 12/16



Bill Pitz- 80 Big Fancy BWF 2 year old bred heifers.   AI'D to Turning Point, start calving Feb.9- 25th.  Bull bred heifers will calve for 20 days starting March 1st.   Heifers originated from Knife River Ranch and Golden Valley Ranch in North Dakota.   Big Stout Heifers!

Lone Oak Gelbvieh- 23 Big blk 2 year old bred heifers.  AI'D to Musgrave Stunner, LD Capitalist 316. Start calving Feb. 22.  17 Big RED Angus x  bred heifers Mated to Scc Power Surge son.  60 day calving date. Scour guard. Great Disposition!

Chris Illig- 38 Big blk young 3-7 bred cows.  Mated to Angus bulls, start calving Feb. 10.

Triple B - 22 Big blk 3 year old bred cows.  Mated to PB Angus bulls, start calving March 10th.  Native females! 

Sheila Whittington- 12 PB Angus 3-4 year old bred cows.  Mated to Hoover Dam, Tour of Duty sons start calving March 1st.  12 Pb Angus 2 year old bred heifers.   Mated To Rampage son start calving March 1st.

E.Groseclose- 6 blk solid mouth to aged bred cows.  Mated to SimAngus bull from Schooley,  start calving Feb. 25th

L. Gray- 11 blk young 3-5 bred cows.  Mated to blk bull, start calving Feb.  6 fall pairs 3-5 year old.

John Takes- 6 blk/red 3-7 year old bred cows.   Mated to PB Angus bull calving in spring







































































































































Ron Schooley (641) 777-0302   |   Roman Schooley (515) 450-3685   |   Phil Schooley (641) 664-3450