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future consignments

Bred Cow and Pair sale

Tuesday 12/11

6:00 P.M.


Bred Heifers

Bill Pitz - 80 blk 2 year old 1150-1200# bred heifers.  Females are Schaff and Ellingson breeding from N.Dakota.  AI'D to Connealy Conquest,  start calving Feb.15th-Feb.25th.  Balance of heifers will be exposed to 44 farms LBW Angus bulls calving March 5- March 20.  Complete vaccination program. 

Thom Miller- 40 blk 2 year old native bred heifers.  AI'D to Connealy Stingray, start calving Feb.12th.  Safe to AI date! Nice set of heifers.

Lincoln Lynch - 16 Angus x 2 year old heifers. Ai'd to KR Synergy start calving Feb.12th.  Confirmed to AI date. Great disposition!!


 Chad Shinstock- 60 blk 4 -aged bred cows.  Mated to PB Angus bulls, start calving March 1st.

Bob Batey Dispersal- 40 blk/ch 6 - aged bred cows, mated to blk and red Angus bulls. Start calving April 1st.

Chris Illig- 40 blk /bwf 3-6 year old bred cows.  Mated to blk bulls, start calving Feb. 15th. 

Tim Skinner- 40 mostly blk  running aged red cows.   Mated to PB Angus, start calving March 1st.

Jeff Lindquist- 15 bwf 3 year old bred cows.  AI'D to PB Angus bull Blaster.  Start calving Feb.3 , great disposition and complete vaccination program. 

Jake McAllister- 40 Angus x 4 year old bred cows.  Mated to blk and red Angus bulls, start calving March 15th. Nice set!

Eric Grosclose- 15 blk 3 year old bred cows.   Mated to blk Sim/Angus bulls, start calving Feb.10th for 60 days.  Great disposition 

Andy Miller- 10 blk 3-6 bred cows.   Mated  to Angus bulls, start calving Feb 1st.  Nice Cows 

Darrell Gittings- 6 Reg simmental blk and red 3-6 year old bred cows. Mated to STF Full Disclosure, start calving Jan.19- March 5th.   Silvertowne genetics.

Whittington Angus- 20 Angus 3- running aged bred cows.  Mated to PB Angus, Hoover Dam and Tour of Duty sons.  Start calving Feb. 27.


Jimmy Lynch Dispersal- 30 blk pairs 5- solid mouth cows.  Sim/Angus sired calves weighing 250-300#

Black Angus farm- 25 Angus pairs OCC and Schaff Angus breeding.   Calves will sell with matching ear tags. 

Poe Farms- 20 blk running aged pairs, exposed to blk Sim/Angus bulls.  Calves tagged to match.

R.Shumate- 4  Big Angus x cow calf pairs, sired by PB Angus bulls


Special calf Yearling Sale 

Wednesday 12/19



TF Cattle-  113 blk/bwf Sim/Angus s/h 2rd, LTW...550-700#

Ron Hart- 90 blk s/h 2rds, LTW,  no implant...700-800#

Nolt- 80 blk heifers 1rd, off grass, ideal cond..700-725#

D.Martin- 70 blk steers 1rd, running out...775#

Triple B - 70 blk steers 2rd, running out...750#

D.Burkholder- 58 blk/ch heifers 1rd,LTW...900#

Armstrong- 50 blk steers 2rd, no implant..550-650#

J.Taylor- 50 blk heifers 1rd, running out..800#

                40 blk steers 1rd,  running out...800#

M.Cliver- 45 blk s/h 2rd, LTW...500-600#

A.Yahnke- 38 blk/red s/h 1rd,LTW, off gras..550-650#

G.Lindquist- 28 blk s/h 2rd,LTW, no implant...450-550#

K.Biggs- 15 Angus s/h 1rd, LTW....600-700#

E.Mast- 12 blk/ch s/h 2rd, LTW,,no implant...500-600#









































































































































Ron Schooley (641) 777-0302   |   Roman Schooley (515) 450-3685   |   Phil Schooley (641) 664-3450