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Bloomfield Livestock Market 

We will not be holding any cattle sales until April 1st due to Covid 19 outbreak.   April 1st we will plan to sell fats and slaughter cattle at 9:00 along with Special Calf Yearling Sale 11:00.  Our responsibility is to keep our staff and customers safe and healthy.   We support Govenors decision to hold group size down.  We ask when we resume that you keep your distance from each other and keep moving.   We will provide more information closer to April sale time.


Thank you and be healthy 


Special Calf Yearling sale 

Wednesday 4/1



We ask that you practice social distancing as you drop off cattle.  We advise 1 person come to sale.  Please keep in mind we want to allow as many buyers as possible.  Stay at home if you have health related issues or have symptoms of Covid 19.  We will gladly represent  your cattle for you! 


K.Denning - 140 blk heifers 2rd, LTW.....725-750#

F.Engle- 90 blk Sim/Angus s/h 2rd, LTW, no implant..700-825#

T.Meyer- 80 blk Sim/Angus s/h GT, LTW, Replacement kind..675-775#

D.Martin- 65 blk steers 2rd,LTW, running out...825#

R.Good- 65 blk steers 2rd,LTW...825-850#

Nuenschwander- 65 blk heifers 2rd2rd,LTW,running out.700-750#

D.Burns- 60 blk/bwf s/h 1rd,LTW, running out,no imp..650-750#

S.Kauffman- 50 Angus s/h GT, LTW....600-750#

S.Frederick-- 50 blk Sim/Angus s/h 2rd, LTW, no implant, running out..750-850#

D.Graber- 40 blk Sim/Angus mostly steers Gold tag,LTW, running out.700-825#

M.Leyda- 30 blk s/h 1rd, LTW...600-700#

Moses- 25 mostly blk s/h GT, LTW, no implant..600-650#

Potter - 10 blk s/h 2rd,LTW, running out....600-700#










































































































































Ron Schooley (641) 777-0302   |   Roman Schooley (515) 450-3685   |   Phil Schooley (641) 664-3450